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Talking to the Management

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1 hour and 26 minutes

14 individual on-demand videos


Choose this class if you are looking for individual ways to talk to your manager, ways to overcome any troubles or ways to get the most out of those meetings.

14 on-demand online videos enable you to meet with your manager fearless and well-prepared, so you can reach your meeting goal more easily or know how to handle difficult situations.

Every successful meeting starts with a proper preparation. Learn how to best prepare according to your individual meeting goal and to get into the right mindset by clearing your mind and optimizing your focus. You’ll be amazed by the difference that makes even before the meeting takes place. Since all people are different, let this class show you how you use exactly those differences to have less trouble getting what you wish for. Have you ever asked yourself about the best way to talk about difficult topics, your requests or ideas? If your manager should know in advance what the meeting is about or if it’s better to surprise him or her? A lot of unexpected things can happen during a meeting, but you will be able to avoid what needs to be avoided and to make sure the meeting turns into the desired direction. Always been unsure how to open up a meeting? Or how to make sure you won’t be forgetting any important detail? It’s all in here. You want your manager to be on your side – learn how to achieve that. You are used to getting feedback but wonder if it’s appropriate to give feedback yourself? And what to do when the meeting just doesn’t go the way you intended to, learn some small easy tricks which help you turn things around. Getting yelled at, getting criticized in front of others or dealing with a manager who likes changing opinion a lot – if things like that sound familiar to you, it’s time to know a professional way for your reaction.

Throughout this course, you’ll have opportunities to ask any class-related questions in the member area. Interested in hearing more about our talking to the management online course? Contact us today!

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