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What I do


As a teacher, you are communicating and dealing with all kinds of groups, with students, superiors, parents, with coworkers and above all, you are also dealing with yourself. That’s why it starts with YOU, with taking care of yourself with my Stress Management Class. The other classes provide help communicating with your students, with parents, with your team lead or principal and with other team members. In addition, there is also a class for Conflict Management which can be applied to all kinds of groups you are dealing with every day. So, with all classes taken together, most groups you are dealing with on a daily basis are covered.

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Each class will Guide you Step by Step

S et goal

Set a goal of what you want to achieve in a specific class

T ake action

Watch several short learning videos for your goal and apply new knowledge

A ssess

Find out if you’re happy with your results or not

R eact

Decide about your next steps to reach your goals or learn even more

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