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Conflict Resolution For Teachers

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Overall length:

53 minutes

9 individual on-demand videos



Managing conflict among students, teachers, administrators and even parents can be challenging and can interrupt a positive learning atmosphere for everyone. Unresolved conflict can increase work stress and create toxic environments in the classroom. Most commonly, these “conflicts” are overblown cases of misunderstanding and miscommunication. However, that doesn’t mean they can’t be solved with a systematic approach to conflict management in the classroom.

Teachers already face numerous stressors every day. Conflict management training may be exactly what you need to remedy further complications in the classroom. Our online conflict management course was designed to empower educators with effective tools and strategies to manage all types of everyday issues. We want to encourage longevity in teaching, giving students access to the expertise of seasoned instructors.

We’ll provide eight on-demand videos to teach you the most effective ways to manage conflict; also, we’ll help you identify when each method is most appropriate for a given situation. Conflict resolution for teachers has an indirect but positive impact on students. They often learn from how their teachers react and lead.

It’s important to understand how certain conflicts can impact your students and teaching environment. Not only does our online conflict resolution training teach you the best way to solve these issues, but it also helps you adjust your mind and attitude to approach conflict differently. Our conflict management course also provides one simple method for solving disputes — and it works with all kinds of groups in your work environment. With years of experience in conflict resolution training for teachers, Silke Lessner takes a comprehensive approach to improving communication, trust and productivity in education.

Throughout this course, you’ll have opportunities to ask any class-related questions in the member area. Interested in hearing more about our conflict resolution online course? Contact us today!

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