About Me: Get to know everything important about me | Silke Lessner

Hi, I am Silke.

I am a Psychologist with focus on Educational Psychology, Stress Management Trainer, Relaxation Trainer, Professional Life and Business Coach and Corporate Trainer.

I help teachers from all type of schools to manage stress and challenges in the workplace and in their private lives.

More About Me

For more than 15 years I collected teaching experience of my own. I’ve been teaching students of all ages and adults. For students as well as adults I have designed and conducted development programs in areas such as learning abilities and social skills. For over 10 years I was coaching teachers in private coaching settings helping them with professional questions and issues and their personal development. Before I started my website business I was holding a position as Head of Training and Development in large nationwide company.

My vision is to bring scientific language into ready-to-use knowledge for teachers to bring out their best and work with passion.

I have a wide range of knowledge on human development in general, human ability for resilience and soft skills such as communication. I bring a deep understanding of handling struggles at work, what it means to be a leader, a role model and a colleague. I love to share all the powerful tools and techniques for enhancing success at work and also personal development. I believe that everyone already has the kind of power to get the most out of life. I work with teachers looking to improve their communication skills with parents, handle difficult situations with students, work colleagues, team lead or principal, who want to become an expert for their own stress management or who wish to apply a more effective conflict management.

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