Joining a New Team -

Joining a New Team

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Overall length:

1 hour and 35 minutes

17 individual on-demand videos


Choose this class if you want more than just making a good first impression.

In 16 on-demand videos I shed some light on the whole process and steps of successfully joining a new team when you start working in a new company. Against the belief of many people who start a new job, this process does not start at your first day of work but way sooner.

Each process of becoming part of anything or any team starts with reducing fears and building a growing identification. Developing a helpful mindset cannot be underestimated when trying to fit in new organization, working and getting along with people you can’t choose.

This class also includes how to manage your first day, your first week and your first month at your new company. You’ll also learn about understanding organizational politics or using the right strategy to really become a fully respected member of your new team. Or have you ever wondered about the right time to share your opinion and how to express it? How about talking about your new ideas to improve or change things to the better? All this and more topics are being covered in this class.

Throughout this course, you’ll have opportunities to ask any class-related questions in the member area. Interested in hearing more about our joining a new team online course? Contact us today!

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